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Lorna Byrne: Stairways to Heaven

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Lorna Byrne: Stairways to Heaven

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The overwhelming response of readers to Lorna Byrne - regardless of religious beliefs - is that she gives them back hope, helping them to realize that no matter how alone they might feel they have a Guardian angel by their side. Lorna Byrne sees and talks with angels every day and has done since she was a baby. She sees them as clearly as the rest of us see rocks and stones and trees. In Stairways to Heaven Lorna tells true-life stories about the ways that angels help us. She describes how they helped her pull her own life together after her husband died and how she has seen them help other people - particularly those who are unhappy, ill or in danger. Written from direct, personal experience, never has a book contained such an extraordinary, vivid and convincing account of how angels work in the world. This new edition includes advice from Lorna on how to discover your guardian angel's name and hear what your guardian angel is telling you.

Author: Byrne, Lorna
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Type: Paperback
Language: English
Published: 20110804
Pages: 293
ISBN10: 1444706608
ISBN13: 9781444706604